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Eksterlaarpark VR

Part of a 3-part job, this is the virtual reality production for one of the interiors of "project Eksterlaarpark" in Deurne. There were two interiors developed in virtual reality in total, of which this is one. A VR image is great sales tool and can give clients a true feeling of being inside the space.

This Project has been a big one, working over 4 months to get to the finished result. An old print factory was completely demolished and in its place a real estate development came 40 green and modern apartments. They are all available as service-on-demand apartments as well as regular apartments. Service-on-demand means it's possible to get a full service to help people in they daily living. Doctors, nurses, washing, ironing and daycare is all around and these services are all delivered to your doorstep.

  • Virtual Reality
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